Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Real update

OK, the brain seems to be functioning again.
So, yes, we are HOME.
Walking through the door last night was an amazing feeling - the final steps of a long, hard and great journey.
Travelling went very smoothly - Lola was perfect on the plan. We built her a little 'nest' of blankets on the floor on the first leg of our journey, and from Taipei to SFO, she had a little bassinet affixed to the wall in front of our seats. She seemed to be very comfortable and slept for much of the flight. Even the people sitting near us, at the end of the flight, told us how good she was.
Before we left, we were told to anticipate the possibility of a long wait at immigration - possibly up to a few hours. Luckily, we were first in line at the 'new immigrant' lane. We nervously approached, hoping it wouldn't take too long. The immigration officer seemed nice and started flipping through paperwork. Quickly, we noticed that it wasn't taking any time at all. Even when he said "she wasn't put into the system properly", he just shrugged his shoulders, and put her into the system (go figure). That delay meant instead of 3 or 4 minutes at immigration, it took us all of about 7. Then, he stamped her passport and said, "its official, she's a US citizen." You can imagine how nice that was to hear.
All the worrying, waiting, stressing and anxiousness dissolved with one quick 'clunk' of the passport stamper. She's ours for good.
We're all home now, safe and sound. Visiting the pediatrician (who was SO helpful, answering emails from nervous first time parents while we were in Vietnam) later this morning for a routine check-up.
Thanks again to everyone that posted comments on the blog. The trip was very challenging at times, but getting on the blog and seeing comments from home was enough to keep us going. We literally grabbed the computer right after we woke up each day to see the new comments.
Also, thanks for all of the great presents that we recieved at the shower. Coming home last night and having EVERYTHING we needed waiting for us was so nice.
Here are some new photos:

Perfect little angel on the plane:

We don't look like much, but we are finally back home.

House-sitting & airport pick-up duty has its perks - Wags gets the coveted "first hold"

"What the hell was all that talk about a 'land of opportunity?' I've been
here 5 minutes and i think im going to be squished to death."

Lola seems to have Grandma Betsy's approval.

2 days before thanksgiving, Haley (who happened to be at the airport, leaving for Colorado) reverses out of airport security to come meet Lola for a few minutes! We hope she made it back through security and got home.

All for now. We'll sort through the ample stock of photos and post some more later.

Lots of love,

Mark, Tallia and Lola


Amanda said...

Watching your news debut and reading your last blog had tears streaming down my face! I am so, so happy for you 3. Lola is incredibly beautiful and your journey was amazing. Can't wait to see you all and talk "live" soon.
Love to you all!

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo happy for you guys! It truly is a Thanksgiving. I'll be up there in 5 days to start my new life as well. I don't start my new job until the 29th, so let me know if I can come in and see the little family. Love you both, oops, three!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I can't wait to meet Lola!


Nancy said...

Congratulations Tallia and Mark and welcome Lola!

A bunch of your fans at City Hall have been tracking your progress daily. We are so happy and relieved that you are all home now.

Please bring Lola to the Blue House soon so we can meet her!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home and Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking forward to meeting Little Lo!

Ann + Frank

Betsy said...

Congratulations to all of you! What a blessing and a joy! I saw your story online on the ABC News Website.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.

Santa Rosa

Jennifer said...

What a perfect Thanksgiving this will be for your sweet family. We are so happy that all went well & little Lola is an absolute doll. Can she please teach Lucy the "no crying" trick? Loves to you all & happy holidays! XOXO, the Lee's

Angela said...

You know guys, you are going to have to keep this blog going for the next year so everyone can see Lola grow up! We are all used to going on this about 8 times a day!!! We'll be going through withdrawls!!! We are so glad you are back home safe and sound.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Love Angela and Mike

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! I'm so glad you guys made it home safe and sound. Lola's first Thanksgiving! How exciting!

Love, susie

Anonymous said...

This incredible little girl is destine for amazing things - I am so humbled by your sense - sense of humor, sense of being, sense of responsiblitiy and sense of love - I wish you only happiness and joy, and the ability to get through the rough spots back to the senses :)

thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your loving adventure - you will always be in my heart, thoughts and prayers -

take good care of yourselves,

Anonymous said...

As an (American) adoptee, I am always touched to hear other people's adoption stories. I saw Cheryl Jennings' report and have enjoyed reading your blog and following your journey. May you have a blessed life with little Lola. Happy Thanksgiving to your new family.

San Jose CA