Monday, November 12, 2007

Quick update

Hi all -
No new photos today -- lent our camera's USB cord to another fam in our group.Spent today shopping, went to dinner and had baby's first experiment w/ rice cereal. She got a little down, more on chest. Tomorrow, we get Vietnamese passport (still no word on the U.S. Visa) and visit the doctor.

thanks again for kind words and support - the comments keep us from going completely crazy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tallia, Mark,
and little one,

We enjoy the pictures and stories. Our good thoughts and wishes are being sent your way that you all will be home soon. She is truly adorable.......Any word on a name???

Stacy, Jean, Jennifer, and Susan

Anonymous said...

Congrats - sounds like quite an adventure. I read about some remnants of a typhoon hit central Vietnam - hopefully you missed that. Stay healthy - I look forward to knowing what foods and places to avoid as that is one listen I prefer not to learn ;>
All the best!
Frank Seidel

Reece said...

Hi you guys,

Finally got ahold of the blog. I love seeing all the pictures and the progress you've made. So sorry to read you guys we're sick, that's no fun even in the states!

Do you have a name for that baby girl yet?

I hope all goes well, so you can get back home soon. Can't wait to meet your gift from god, with the big brown eye's.

Hugs and Kisses Matt and Reece
PS Isn't being parents great :)

Amanda said...

Hi guys! I was so excited to log on today and see your new updates, pictures and video! Sorry you both got sick - that sounds terrible, but it looks like all is going smoothly so far. Your baby girl is beautiful - I can not wait to meet her! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your journey. Dan and I are in the middle of wedding planning - no date set yet but I will keep you posted. Love, AK xxoo

Anonymous said...

Just watched the movie -- WOW! What an amazing gift for her to have when she is older and understands. Can't wait to see you all when you return.

Julie Wilder

Anonymous said...

Hello from Colorado! We got back last nite and I had to check to see if there were any new pics of Daisy?-Violet?-Lily?!!! Haley and I had fun going thru flower names-do you like any of them?! Beautiful would be a perfect name for her because that's what she is. Loved the pictures and the movie--keep em comin'. Love to the three of you, Kathy Brockmeier

Anonymous said...

that video was awesome! she looks so precious! and you guys actually look good too... for being sick! holy schmoly! i can't wait to meet the rugrat! i hope the visa comes through soon. keep us updated!!!

love susie