Monday, November 5, 2007

new photos from back in Hanoi


Anonymous said...

she is beautiful and so are you two - what an amazing family is now together.

thanks for sharing,

Anonymous said...

OH man.. A Tiny-tot iPod????




RnR Beaumont said...

Hi Mark and Tallia-
Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!
We are glad we got to meet you at dinner, and hope to see you again before we go. You are all on a heck of an adventure here.
Robin and I wish you and your group the best of luck!
Tạm biệt!
Rich (and Robin and Ollie) Beaumont

Amanda said...

Love these pictures - I am so happy and excited for you 3!! Can't wait to get my hands on the little one! Thanks for keeping us all updated - love hearing about your travels and experience.

Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

She's so cute. Mark, time to start shopping for a gun case to fend off the neighborhood boys...


Bonnie Patterson said...

Hi Mark and Talia! Chris and I are so very happy for you both. We can't wait to meet your new baby girl. She is sooo precious!

Love Bonnie & Chris Patterson

Haley said...

She is precious. Soooooo, so pretty. An update on the homefront... LuLu and I watched The Hills together after yoga last night (yes, she curled up on my blanket and slept!) and she snuggled in bed with me! So no worries, she is getting lots o' love! The house is great - you might not have any mac n' cheese when you get back :) but everything is wonderful!
Bring her home... I want to squeeze you all!! Love you and miss you tons.

Angela said...

Hi Mark & Tal! Again, we are so happy for you guys and we are still sending positive thoughts your way. We love seeing the pictures. We are thinking of you guys every day!
Love, Mike and Ang

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that beyond the fact that you have the world's best looking child, the two of you are mighty fine specimens as well. How in the hell do you both look so attractive in the middle of this travel and stress? Anyways, come home soon and kiss that gorgeous baby a million times for me!!!

Love Cammy

Anonymous said...

she is adorable! i can't wait to meet her.


Anonymous said...

What a happy family! I am so happy for the both of the real work begins!

Thanks for sharing the great pictures and letting so many of us be a part of this...ain't technology great ;o)

Nichole a.k.a "Grace" :o)

Lisa said...

Oh you guys! (Well.... guy and GALS!)!!! So very happy for you all, thrilled that it is going well, and funny to see familiar places and faces in your photos! What a trip! Love to you...can't wait to hear more!


Anonymous said...

Mark and Tallia,
She is so beautiful. You guys are having a real adventure. How is Vietnam? We are all thinking good thoughts about a speedy Visa process. I can't wait to see you all at Christmas.

PS, it's Papo not Papoo.

Anonymous said...

She's a Wunderkind all right! I don't know when I get to meet her, but I hope it's soon. Drew and I send our love and good thoughts for speed and luck with all.

Blessed be,

Court and Drew

Anonymous said...

Hello from Colorado-I have sent two prior emails on your blog but because I dont know what Im doing--totally computer illerate-they dont seem to be posted-sooo, Ill try again! what a beautiful family the three of you are-I check this daily so keep the pictures coming. I send my love and good thoughts--along with x's and o's! Fondly, Kathy Brockmeier

Betsy said...

It's Gram here, keeping the home camp intack while everyone is all over the world doing incredible things like getting beautiful baby girls. Get that Visa Tallia with your winning smile and bring her home so we can spoile her worse than we did you.
Don't let him fool you it is Papoo and
Hugs and Kisses Grams