Thursday, November 15, 2007


Just got a call from our agency. our visa has been APPROVED!!!

we travel to the embassy at 2:45 today for the second interview (which is more of a formality) and should be able to pick up the Visa on Monday, and travel home soon after.

needless to say, our heads are spinning and we are ecstatic. we'll try to organize our thoughts and post something that makes more sense later, but for now we're just gonna sit and enjoy life.

thank you SO much to everyone that prayed, sent good vibes and thoughts... it helped in many ways.

love m&t

** update -- we went to the Embassy this afternoon, and its official: we have been approved. we pick up the Visa on Monday afternoon, and will hopefully travel home early Tuesday (or possibly late Monday night, but that's a longshot).

We are SO relieved and excited. We travel out to Ha Long bay tomorrow for fun, and it will be much better knowing that we will be back home soon.

Tomorrow night, we'll have photos of the bay to upload and might have a more clear travel plan. should be a very thankful thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Hooray! I've obsessively been checking about 6 times a day and I'm so excited to read the good news! You three will be home soon!! Kisses to Lola and congratulations to all of you,
-The Gillespie Gang

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!! Yeah!!!!! And I love her name. This is exciting news!!!!

Let us know when you are returning.

Love susie

Toni said...

Whew. That is GREAT. I bet we've all been checking the blog at midnight your time and expecting something. I'm so glad your wait is over and we'll get all get to meet Lola in person. Congratulations and happy travels to Lola's new home. Love and hugs to all.

Toni said...

Travel plans sound great. Let me know if you need any help over the Thanksgiving weekend with errand running or anything. I do hope you get a chance to relax now and show Lola & Tallia around their home country a little more. Travel safe. -- Love, Mom/Toni/GrammaT

Wendy Gritton said...


Yes, you will have alot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. . .

Love W & T

Amanda said...

YAHOOEY!! This is great news - good work! Can't wait for you three to get back home. Looking forward to the pictures of the bay.

Love, Mandy K

Anonymous said...

Hip! Hip! Horray! Congratulations!
Our prayers have been answered and this Thanksgiving will truly be a time to give thanks.
My heart is filled with love for all of you.
We(Bosco,Polly and Carol) anxiously look forward to meeting precious little Lola.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Ireland.. Awesome news you guys...And baby makes three, and you know that you cant stop with just one. You now need one for the one you have. Its kinda like getting your child a pet only it is their brother or sister, and then you can get another one, but you risk giving the second one middle child syndrome. So stop at two and get another dog....The mcSweeneys

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC! Hooray! Lola Elizabeth is a gorgeous name! The pictures are fantastic. What a terrific outcome. Can't wait to see you!

Julie Wilder

Angela said...

Words can't describe how happy we are for the three of you! We hope we can meet you at the airport if it all works out. Let's us know if there is anything you need before arriving home. Enjoy your time with your daughter these next few days. We love you and can't wait until you get HOME!!!!
Mike and Angela

Anonymous said...

M&T - I can't even begin to tell you how happy Frank and I are for you guys. I got tears in my eyes reading this most recent update. I too have been obsessively checking the updates and was relieved and beyond happy to read this most recent news. CONGRATULATIONS! You guys are parents now...crazy. We cannot wait to meet little Lola (love the name) so after some R&R upon your return home, we will be anxious to come over and give you all great big hugs. What a wonderful way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday...much for which to be thankful for this year.
Lots of love,
Kim and Frank

Anonymous said...

WAHOO! I hope the trip home goes swimmingly, and things aren't too long and awful. But things can't help but be good, right?

Congrats and much love,


Anonymous said...

I am overcome with emotion - for you and sorry to say for me - I wish I was going to be able to meet Lola -

thank you for being so thoughtful and allowing people like me to remain a part of your family.

You all are special people and I am humbled to be a part of your life.

Happy Thanksgiving and this will certainly be a very joyous holiday season.