Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Settling into actual "life" w/ Lo

Not sure if anyone is still reading the blog, but if so, here's another update...

Lola is still doing great. She is settling into a schedule now that the holiday chaos is over. She's regressed a little with her sleeping habits - we're back to one or two wake-ups per night, but nothing we can't handle.

Tal went back to work on Monday (1/7), which was hard for her, but its just another step back into reality. On Tuesday, 1/8, Mark and Tal both had meetings at the same time, which meant that Lola took her first trip to Day Care at the Wolfpack, an awesome home care operation run by a great woman named Ana.

We thought adjusting to daycare would be hard for Lola, but it turned out to just be hard for us. Lola immediately took to the gang -- new buddy Lucy, new boyfriend Cole (aka 'the bulldozer' for his clumsy, overpowering hugs) and a great little caretaker friend Nina -- she is 3 years old and takes on a mom role at the place; when Mark came to pick Lola up at the end of the day, nina helped gather Lola's blanket and toys, put Lola's hood on (it was cold) and gently pulled the cover over Lo's carseat. its an amazing gang of little people that will be a ton of fun for Lola.

Everything else is going well - she's had little colds, but evidently that's just what kids do. she's progressing every day. her little giggle has been expanded into an actual 'laugh' once or twice. she seems to be recognizing her role in conversations/interaction - she smiles if she makes people laugh, and listens intently when others talk.

Santa treated her well. as expected, she loved all her gifts but mostly enjoyed wrapping paper and ribbon and boxes. next xmas should be even more fun when she 'gets it'.

all for now.. here are the latest photos:

Glamour shot from the car-seat

Playing w/ uncle Andy & aunt Krystal

Uncle Andy took Lo to ger her first ink, a sweet full-leg tribal tattoo.

** Since we've got some very concerned feedback, we'd like to formally state that this is not a real tattoo.
Mommy says no tats until she's AT LEAST 5.

Lo and Mark on Christmas

Tal, Lo and Grammy

Lola's first trip to the Headlands.

Both grandmas, a grandpa and a santa hat.

Lola and Lucy at the Wolfpack day care. Ana (the caretaker) sent us this
photo to calm us since she knew Tal and Mark were a mess after
leaving Lo for the first time. Lola had a blast.