Thursday, November 8, 2007

We are definitely in Hanoi

We're not in Marin anymore. Its amazing how casually a Vietnamese doctor can say a phrase like "Diarrhea Epidemic".

Well, we've both been pretty much dying the past couple of days. Tallia was given a fluid IV at the western doctor here, and mark picked up the bug a day later. Just an awful couple of days. We both seem to be improving now and its nothing serious, but wow... what a 48 hours.

Luckily, the illness was sort of staggered -- hit Tal first then Mark. This allowed one of us to be the 'parent' while the other laid on the bed waiting for the next trip to the restroom. There was a brief period when the sickness was hitting both of us hard -- of course, it was during our trip to the embassy for the huge, important interview.

It took everything that we had to get up for that interview, but we have the best inspiration ever. Although it was difficult, it had the feeling of one last little "test" for us -- and that if we could pull it together and do well, everything else will fall into place.

To make a long story short, the interview SEEMED to go well. It's actually very brief and simple -- none of the really pressing questions that we were told to anticipate. So now its done, which feels great, and we just wait for word.

Should hear the news sometime late next week... If we werent so exhausted, it would probably be terrible waiting so long for that news, but for now we are just happy to be done with appointments and get some time to relax.

Here are a couple of pictures from the pre-sickness. We'll try to upload more later today.


Angela said...

Hi Guys! I was getting worried and knew something was up when we didn't hear anything from you. I hope you are feeling better. The days can't go by quick enough for us here as well as for the three of you to come home!!! We think of you every day. We miss you!
Lots of Love, Angela and Mike

Anonymous said...

don't worry about all of us - take good care of yourselves and each other - get well and my fingers are crossed and my prayers are for good news and good health next week.

thank you for allowing me into your family.


Michelle Zastrow said...

Hi Tallia & Mark: Your daughter is sooo beautiful. She is such a sweet gift to you both from God. Enjoy every moment with her because they grow up soo fast. Tallia, just knowing what I know of you, I'm positive you will make an amazing mom!!! I'll keep all 3 of you in my prayers. In case you forgot who I am, I'm Dawnie's oldest sister. Blessings for the 3 of you and unmeasurable happiness in your lives together.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Penngrove-
Love seeing the pictures and reading about your extraordinary adventure. Bosco and Paulie watch the blog daily. Bosco barks(way to go) and Paulie gives kisses. You are beautiful people and now have a beautiful baby girl.
Sending my love to you all.


Anonymous said...

She's ridiculously cute...