Saturday, November 10, 2007

being sick: bad for tummy, good for blog

Yesterday was a day of recovery -- still a little too weak to brave Hanoi, so we sat around the hotel room and passed the time with the "movie maker" program. hope this works... if so, enjoy the show. --m&t


Toni said...

Good job on the movie!! It worked great. It was fun to get a look at the scenery and setting for all your excitement. I hope you feel back to normal soon. Love and hugs to all three of you.

Toni said...

from Barb in Milwaukee
I didn't leave a comment at th blogspot, but that film was absolutely lovely, and you can tell them I said so! It actually got me teary!~!

Anonymous said...

That was the coolest video I have ever seen. Tearjerker.

Can't wait to meet her.


Bonnie Patterson said...

Mark & Talia,

I was moved to tears watching that very cool video you made! I am so excited for you! Love Bonnie Patterson

Anonymous said...

You both sound like the BOOGEYMEN!
Name the baby already!!

no Really... Weird...

-Who else could this be!

PS Good Vibes out to you on a Hard day for me.. Tkae care you 3!

Anonymous said...

PS ..

PLease do another movie with the
" White Rabbit" by Jefferson airplane, Song.
I mean really.. Its required!!

Have a good time and come home safe and sound.


andrew said...

Tallia and Mark,
This is my first visit to your blog and I'm amazed. What a journey you've been through, and such great video/stills to show it all. Thanks for a wonderful story.
Andrew McCullough

Betsy said...

Tallia and Mark,
We loved the video. This is a lifetime advanture and a life altering event. We are totally in love with the baby. We can't wait to see you at Christmas.
Mom, Louis, and Grandmom

Anonymous said...

Okay, my kids are 3 and 1 and I still haven't gotten around to making a totally lovely movie like that! I love it. Love the video, love the pictures, love the music! We are so happy for you three. Jack can't wait to meet his new cousin and Zoe says, "ooh" to you all! Love, Kate

Angela said...

that was a beautiful movie! We hope you coming home soon.
Angela and Mike

Anonymous said...

oh,,, I get it now... Brooke.. Like a gentle flowing water..
Like a Brook.

I get it now..



Anonymous said...

Just loved the video and sending you guys our best wishes. She is absolutely darling. Can't wait to meet her!

Ann & Frank

Anonymous said...

My love and thoughts to all 3 of you. We'll chat when you get back to the USA.

Love Pedy

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