Monday, November 19, 2007

What would kenny rogers do?

know when to hold 'em... know when to fold 'em....

we're gambling again. this trip has been one long sequence of irrational, risky decisions, so we figure, why stop now? we seem to be on a hot streak, so we're gonna ride it out.

Were heading to Hanoi airport and hoping to get on a plane with our stand-by tickets. hopefully the gods will continue to be amused by our lack of common sense, and will give us one last little gift - 2.5 seats on a 747.

we'll update the blog in a few hours -- either from Taipei airport with good news, or from some Hanoi hotel. cross your fingers. - mt&l

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jtown42 said...

Common sense? I think we all left that on the plane when arrivivng in Hanoi. We're in LA and hope to be heading back to NC in the morning. I can't wait to talk to you guys. We'll check your blog tomorrow hoping to find that you too are stateside! Love you guys.