Monday, November 19, 2007

Just waiting for airline tix!

After weeks of being the subject of much talking, hoping, thinking and celebrating -- we finally have the Visa in hand!

Thao, a very nice assistant with our agency just delivered these from the US embassy. Feels great to have them in hand:

The mysterious 'sealed envelope'. We honestly dont know what
it is; just that we dont open it, US immigration does when we get
back to the states

Outside of Vietnamese Passport - looks like the Camera focused on
the pretty flower instead of the passport. oh well. you can
see it in person someday. you'll love it

Inside of passport.

Jack-pot! These things are like the Holy Grail in

our hotel. And Little Lo's got hers! So, so, happy to have this.

p.s. - Carol, if you are reading this, please tell Bosco and Pali hello and we will be home soon. we miss our little pups very much.


Toni said...

Don't know if you'll be able to get this. I hope not! that you'll be on a plane. But if not, hang in there. Thanksgiving is the day you get home, not a date on a calendar. Thinking good thoughts. Love, Mom/Toni/GrammaT

Anonymous said...

We(Bosco, Pali and Carol) check the blog every morning at 7a.m. Today it sent chills through us, as you tell your story, we see the pictures and feel the love. We have a post-it on the TV reminding us to watch Cheryl Jennings Thursday at 5 pm channel 7.
Happy, Happy Return Home! Love,
Bosco, Pali and Carol

Anonymous said...

I can't believe every day I have tears in my eyes and joy in my heart when I read your blog. I don't know Toni however she is right - whatever day you get home is Thanksgiving and so is today and yesterday and tomorrow - thank you for sharing your joyous experience - I wish I was in still in the Bay Area to see the special on TV and more importantly to meet Lola - I wish you continued joy and happiness (and don't forget when Lola is ready, she should learn to swim at the YMCA) :)
take good care of each other,