Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No news yet!

No news from Embassy today.

We're expecting word soon-- our agency rep Thao is probably going to call to check in tomorrow (Thursday, VN time) with the Embassy. At the first interview, they told us to expect a decision late this week or early next.

Our hotel is full of families that are adopting -- so we all bump into each other in the hallways/restaurant and get updates on what is happening with other people. so FAR, we keep hearing good news around here...lots of approvals, and very few NOIDS (the dreaded 'notice of intent to decline', not the villain from 1980's Domino's pizza ads)

So we all have managed to stay pretty positive. Doctors appointment went well yesterday -- the Dutch doctor looked at her for about a minute; poked, shined a light, wiggled some limbs, and said "this looks like a very healthy baby." so that's good.

also, Lola was given her Vietnamese Passport, which is cool. however, the agency people have held onto that for us. so we cant take a picture of it yet, as planned, but its cool to know she has it.

All for now.... We will immediately relay news from the embassy once we hear something.

Only one new photo today: we thought it would be wise to slowly introduce Lola to terry-cloth hoodie jackets, so she doesn't go into culture shock when she gets home and sees mommy's closet. she seems to be doing pretty well - no apparent allergies or fear of this particular blend of terry, nor hoods in general. she will fit in well at 28 loma linda.


John said...

Contratulations!!! Lola is absolutely beautiful. Grandma Toni has been keeping us posted in addition to this fabulous blog. We also are experiencing the joy of a new baby in the family. Our grandson, Keenan Matthew, was born on Nov. 2. Enjoy your new daughter, and have a safe trip home. -- John and Ingrid Lindsay

Anonymous said...

I love the name. Sorry to hear you were both ill but glad it's over. Here's to Lola getting her passport quickly and all of you having a safe journey home. We can't wait to see her in person. Hopefully the next time I check your blog you are on your way home with little Lola.

Love, Linda (and John)

Anonymous said...

Ah ah Lola looks so cute :) congratulation on your adoption, have a happy Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas.