Sunday, November 4, 2007

We're here, we're tired

Just got into Hanoi a couple hours ago. We are tired, and not very smart right now, so this will be brief.

First, some photos from the journey -

The "Hello Kitty" gate at the Taipei airport:

Noodle Soup -- its all we've been eating so far

(havent figured out how to rotate photos on the blog yet. after 30 or so hours of travel, i dont really care, either)

Tallia getting massaged by a blind man at Taipei Airport

TOMORROW is the big day (well, one of the big days that we'll have over here, but this is the best one). We leave the hotel at 6:20 a.m. for the ride to the orphanage, where we will meet our little munchkin.

I'd go on and on about how excited we are, but we're both just too tired right now to function enough to clearly write much more. (awesome sentence structure there!) Tomorrow night (that should be Monday morning US time) will be the good blog post - photos of us w/ baby.
keep praying/thinking good stuff -- we need beau coup Karma for adoption processing w/o any trouble.
lots of tired love,
mark & tallia


Angela said...

Hi Mark & Tal, We are so happy you made it! I can't imagine how tired you guys are right now. We are sending you our good thoughts and can't wait to see pictures of the baby and Vietnam. Hang in there, this is ALL worth it! We love you and miss you! Mike and Ang

Anonymous said...

Good Luck you 2!!!

I just had a 7 hour trip driving on tour and was Up for 47 straight hours..
Take care and stay safe!!!
Loads of luck!!!
andy and krystal°

Haley said...

Hello from home!!! I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE THERE! I have been thinking about you both so much... dreaming of you the last two nights. Tallia, I am so proud of you, you made it through the flight...woo-hoo!!! Everyone here is thinking about you all, sending you love and good thoughts. I can't wait to see the pictures of your sweet baby girl. I'm going to be checking the blog every hour!!! I am so glad you found something to eat!! Remember to enjoy every moment, even the difficult ones. ALL MY LOVE TO YOU. A milllion kisses and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, We're sending lots of love and positive thoughts. Can you feel the radiation of love coming from America??! I'm so happy for you, getting to meet your baby for the first time tomorrow. What an amazing moment! Take care of yourselves. And bring back that baby!
Love, Brian & Kate & the gang

Anonymous said...

Mark and Tal-

Saw pics of you holding your daughter. Awesome. She's beautiful and can't wait for you to get home.
Have not burned the place down yet, but I have plenty of time.

Cheers to the new Mom and Dad.