Friday, November 23, 2007

part 2 tonight

part two of the news story is running tonight on bay area abc news (channel 7), at 5 o clock. we'll post the link to the online story when its put online.

update*** The story ran tonight. Here is the new link:

here are two new photos -

Lola getting her Thanksgiving dinner. She also got one fingerful of baby-food turkey, even though she isnt quite supposed to be eating turkey yet.
(Dr. Chung, if you are reading this: sorry!)

Lola telling Cheryl Jennings "Thanks" for running her story


gerryruth said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving you must have had! I saw the newstory Tuesday and started reading your blog. Thanks for sharing with the public. Best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Anonymous said...

(came here via news story link!) Congrats on the wonderful new baby in your lives. She is beautiful. You both have my high regards for such a noble act - traveling so far, so much work for a beautiful soul. Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday season and great 2008! And thanks for sharing, maybe it will inspire others to do the same. Terry in SF

Anonymous said...

I also saw the story on Ch. 7. She is so pretty! Congrats and Have Fun. Tiffany in Concord.

The Fab Four a.k.a. McSweeney Family said...
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The Fab Four a.k.a. McSweeney Family said...

Got to watch the news stories via the web... Thanx for sharing! It was nice to see Tallia's mom again. Be sure to say hello. BIG Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Looks like SOMEONE wants to AVOID the press..

Awesome Lola!