Monday, November 26, 2007

New photos from home

We're all having a nice time settling in at home. Lola seems to be feeling better and now is sleeping for most of the night -- just one or two wake-ups, which is totally managable.
The dogs and Lo have now been introduced, and everyone seems pretty cool with the new arrangement. Lola thinks they're OK and isn't scared or bothered by them at all. Bosco might be a tad jealous, but generally is doing well with her. Pali has a not-so-bright look on her face (as usual) and has impressed us greatly with how gentle she is around Lola, since she is usally a zany freak and jumps on new people.
Here are some new photos:

Lola's hair seems to be growing fast here in the US. must be the shampoo.

(OK, not new hair, Bosco is taking a nap on her head)

Grandma Toni and Lo

Dueling Grannies

Uncle Mike knows how to become popular fast - food.

Auntie Ang says hi to Lola

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Rob Rogers said...

Dear Ms. Hart,

I have been reading your blog about your recent adoption with great interest. I know this must be a very busy time for you, but I'd love the opportunity to interview you for a feature story in the Marin Independent Journal. Could you let me know if this is possible?

Thank you for your time, and congratulations on your new arrival! I look forward to talking with you soon.

Best regards,

Rob Rogers
Marin Independent Journal
(415) 382-7207