Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Marin IJ

Today's Marin IJ has a very nice story on the adoption.

It is on the front page of the online version today:

After today (Wednesday), it will be available here.


Anonymous said...

Lola is such a beautiful little girl. I am so happy that she has been blessed to have such great parents. I am so thrilled for you and know that your lives and hearts will be filled with a love like you could have never known.
Love Jenna

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the adoption of their son Andrew was Less hassle. In the 1960s germany they were Just giving them away. Andrew who was also adopted came with a coupon for free Schnitzel and a Beer at a Local tavern.
The parents were estatic to say the least and after such a great meal they figured on just raising the " BONUS" that came with the free schnitzel.
Andy Has returned to germany to eat schnitzel and has invited his Niece out as soon as she can walk.


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