Tuesday, November 20, 2007

How do you say, "holy crap, we lucked out again!" in Taiwanese?


The little Giants Fan!

We are missin our buddies! Lola and Bryce

We're halfway home.

We successfully got onto the plane in Hanoi -- upon arriving at the airport, we learned that if we upgraded to business class we would secure our seats to Taipei, so we snapped up that opportunity so as to avoid the stress of 'stand-by'.

Sure, it was nice riding in the fancy seats and sneering at the commoners in economy seats through our little curtain, but mostly we are just so excited to know that we are officially on our way HOME! (* note: if the sarcasm wasn't obvious, i should mention that we'll be on the other side of the class curtain on our next, longer flight. ho hum)

Little Lo's health seems to be holding up well, and she was fantastic on the plane. didn't cry once, no smelly surprises. i'd go on more, but don't want to jinx flight #2.

Once again, our joy gets deflated a tad with exhaustion from long days and stress, but we are super happy. can't wait to see everyone back at home.

we arrive in sf tomorrow afternoon and then visit the nice folks at US immigration (apparently this can take up to two hours!) one last time.
Once Lola's passport is stamped there, she is officially a US citizen and will finally be our daughter under U.S. law. We can't believe it.

again thank you for all the love and support and the wonderful comments on the blog. It kept us sane for 16 stressful days in Hanoi!
almost there.....

Love to all! Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Cheryl Jennings from ABC may run the first part of our story early so watch ABC Channel 7 for us every night at 5:00! :)

Lola can't wait to meet you!


The Fab Four a.k.a. McSweeney Family said...

WOO HOO! Happy Thanksgiving... truly.

Toni said...

Hooray !! and Congratulations !! Can't wait to hug my new granddaughter. Love, Mom/Toni/GrammaT

Anonymous said...

Super Super Super!!! We are crazy excited for you guys. Welcome home soon. Safe journeys.

Ann & Frank

haley said...

YIIIIPPPPEEEEEE!!!!! I am so glad that you are on your way home! So sad that I will be in the airport leaving for CO. I can't believe we are just missing each other. I can't wait to see you both and meet sweet Lo first thing on Monday when I return. Even before work. I'll be at your house at 6am! Haahaaaa. Kidding.

jtown42 said...

Congrats guys, glad you lucked out! We're getting ready to head back to LAX, anticipating thanksgiving and fog craziness for the next few hours, but then we'll home to NC!

We'll be in touch!


Kathie Reiner said...

Congratulations! I am so happy you guys are headed back to the U.S.! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! We will be in LA right after Christmas...maybe we can hook up with you guys somewhere so we can meet Lola!

I will call you guys soon!



Anonymous said...

I just saw your story on the ABC7news. Congratulations! What a wonderful story and such a beautiful baby. Just wanted to wish you all the best.

Jane Matsumoto
San Jose, CA

Mike O'Neill said...

Congratulations to all of you. I'm the proud grandfather of Mandy (adpt 1998 at age 2) and Amy (adpt 2007 at age 10). Whatever you experience, the end is more than enough to compensate you for the effort, but you are living proof of that aren't you. I don't have to wish you a Happy Holiday Season as I believe that you, like us, have received the greatest gift of all. From the O'Neills of Mandysmoon.com

Angela said...

Hey Guys! I am going to try and make it to the airport tomorrow after work. I'll try you guys on the cell phone. I figure I'll have enough time to get there while you guys are going through immigration and all. I'll keep you posted. I just saw the story on ABC. Cheryl did a great job and you guys look like anxious parents! What a wonderful, heartfelt story this is for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I can't wait to see you!!!
Love Angela

Anonymous said...


Thats how you say it...

Betsy said...

Congratulations to all of you! What a blessing and a joy. I saw your story online on the ABC News website and read your blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families.

Santa Rosa