Tuesday, November 20, 2007


we're here, and it feels beyond great.

very tired, and not smart. hope to update w/ more photos and travel stories after doctor appt. tomorrow morning (everyone is healthy - just standard post adoption visit)

- - - update - - -

we just found out that the story ran on the news tonight. here's the link:



Toni said...

Welcome home!! Congratulations. Call when you recover a little. Love, Mom/Toni/GrammaT

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard!!!

Im " Boy They adopted",,,

Im still laughing so hard!!!

Didnt My adoption agency find me in a saurkraut field?

Welcome home...


Anonymous said...


1. You were 3 months old..
2. You Were a part of the Baby Lifts.
3. You were really sick . You had an infectious flu of some sort. we all had to have in house quaranteen for a month.
4. Lion king quotes? Really Mark?
5. "Her new parents already had one child and they added Tallia to their family" < This was funny
6. Before we got you, we were packing boxes of stuff to send to vietnam as relief help.I remember all the women showing pictures off of thier babys.. Some kids were named coke a cola, nabisco and the likes. ( This was very common)
7. We almost didnt get you. You have me to thank for getting you..
On the adoption papers there was a symbol at the top. I asked what does that mean? When dad askedthe agency,it meant we were getting a boy. Dad as you know wanted a girl. ( is it too late?? Ha HA)
8. For the first 3 years of your life people thought it was funny to dress you up as a geisha girl.
9. Lola elizabeth is the girl that got everything she wanted: read more here:

Take care!!