Sunday, February 24, 2008

New friends, family &adventures

Nothing too exciting to report... Lola is doing great. She constantly amazes us with her ability to smoothly adjust to pretty much any new situation with ease. We went to a surprise birthday party a couple weeks ago, and a few people (probably parents) kindly suggested that we take Lola out of the room for the moment when everyone yells surprise; babies hate that kind of stuff and get scared, they told us. We guessed that she would be cool with it, and she was. Barely budged when 50 people yelled surprise and the DJ switched on the music. At this point, I think a bus could crash through our front window and she would calmly sit and watch it happen.

Lo has still had a little runny nose and gets the occasional cold, but is overall very healthy. She's putting on more weight and growing taller too. At last check, she was almost 27", and weighed 16 lbs, 10 oz.

Starting to say 'mama' and learning other new sounds. Oh, and we now have a full set of 4 teeth in front. It looks cute, but the 'fun' little nibbles on fingertips arent so fun anymore.

Still no crawling. She's working on it, and will get there soon. We are happy for her, but also fear what life will be like once we have to chase her. Its nice to know she's immobile right now.

Here are some photos:

Lo and her new B/F Mason

Cousin Jack and Lo

Cousin Zoe and Lola
Did this REALLY work?? All three cousins sitting still and looking at camera.

Fun in the sun!

Playin with toys makes Lo happy


Anonymous said...

So glad I checked this morning - Sounds like things are going well for your family and you are enjoying this adventure (get those running shoes ready). The photos are darling. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

i THOUGHT SHE WAS FLIPPIN THE BIRD.... False alarm... Darn!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you often. Love seeing the pictures of little princess (Lola)-what a doll!!! Thank you for continuing to share with "gentlewater".

Love, Carol