Monday, December 10, 2007

Updates from the homefront

Hi all -
Just wanted to give a quick update on Little Lo, and her new American lifestyle.

Everyone is adjusting to our new lives together. Tallia and Mark are doing pretty good. We are a bit tired and have a little cabin-fever. Its such a production to 'go out' that we find ourselves staying in pretty much all the time, unless we NEED something. and even then, we try our best to put off any excursions until the last minute so we can consolidate everything into one trip.

Lola is doing even better. We're hesitant to really describe how good she's doing, so as to make sure we don't jinx something. Really, though, we have been SO fortunate with everything about her. As far as we and our pediatrician can tell, she is in great health. She's eating really well and now is only getting up once or twice a night. Last night she slept from about 9:15 until 6:30. No complaints there.
Her sleeping and medical ease is overshadowed by her insanely easygoing personality. We've taken her out to a couple work events and holiday gatherings, restaurants, shopping trips, etc. She handles it all with no problems. Loves meeting new people, sits politely at dinner tables, doesnt fuss or cry or anything, so long as we keep the bottle ready.

I'd love to chalk it up to our awesome parenting, but we know that its just a combination of luck and her previous life experience in the orphanage. The orphanage setting (we think) taught her the magic of good manners -- being quiet and cute gets you a lot more than the opposite. Plus, she's not weirded out by odd noises and can sleep through pretty much anything.

Of course, we KNOW that a day will come when she is a screaming, wild, terror-diva, but for now we are enjoying it and soaking up as many long nights of sleep as we can.

This has been such an incredible journey. We've finally had time and energy to start looking back and reflecting on the whole thing. Its pretty incredible, but for now we're all just super happy and enjoying each other.

We're taking Lo to see Santa today. So far, she's been pretty unimpressed by Christmas, although the blinking lights on the tree are pretty popular.

We owe many of you call-backs and return emails, and we are super sorry that we've been unable to respond to everything so far. Please dont take it personally -- you are just as important as that dirty diaper; its just that when we have to choose which one to tend to, one option leaves our home smelling like soy-formula 'waste' and one doesnt. You do the math. We promise to get back to all of you soon.

*********Please check us out on the CBS evening news with Katie Couric TONIGHT. It runs at 5:30 on the West Coast, and later in other areas. Check your local listings, as they say.**********
Lots of love from our home to yours. And happy holidays.
Here are some new photos...
Lola practices 'sitting up' in her room

Three great additions to our home: Lola, the boppy and the taggy blanket. Thanks to Vietnam, Sam and Townsleys

3 weeks in California, she already loves sunbathing. (For all you parents, and others with general common sense: yes, this was a staged shot and no, we did not let Lola sunbathe.)

"My daquiri is melted and I still havent seen that Caprese I ordered. If I don't see that pool boy in the next two minutes, I am calling a manager."

Learning to stand. Crawling may not be in the cards - seems much more interested in getting up on two feet. We'll see.

The new look we're learning; cool and unaffected. Total Marin snob already. (Note a jealous Bosco sulking in the distance. Life is hard w/ a little human sister)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Mark, Talia and Lola,
Just finished watching the CBS news program and it was great. We would love to get together and see you and meet the newest addition.
We are headed to SF for x-mas shopping Tuesday, 12-11 overnight.
Are you both back to work or would you be home on Wednesday p.m. and up for a quick visit?
Congratulations again. She is beautiful. Linda and John Carlisle